Corporate & Business Support

The corporate and business communities are very important to Renfrew County United Way. Your generosity through donations, sponsorships, gifts-in-kind and a willingness to endorse workplace employee campaigns helps us to keep our costs to a minimum and to maximize our efforts in distributing as much of our donor dollars as we can back into the community.

We are pleased, in return, to offer you an opportunity to practice social responsibility. Working in partnership with the United Way can provide your organization with a unique way to increase visibility and enhance your reputation as engaged, committed corporate and business citizens.

Here are ways you can help:

  • by sponsoring a United Way fund-raising event, such as buying a sheet of ice during a curling funspiel; donating door prizes or auction items; and sponsoring meal items;
  • by providing the United Way with charity discounts on purchases;
  • by endorsing a United Way campaign in your workplace you provide employees with meaningful opportunities to give back to the community at the level they feel comfortable. Your company’s partnership with the United Way will lead to an increase in employee morale, build teamwork and enhance your public image. And there’s more. You can encourage employees to contribute by offering a corporate match.