Renfrew County United Way (RCUW) is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from the community or appointed by major corporate donors. Candidates for the Board are approved by the membership at the corporation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is normally held in April. New board members can also be confirmed by the sitting Board of Directors between Annual General Meetings.

The Board provides overall direction and establishes policy within the corporation’s General By-Law. It meets a minimum of four times a year to approve the budget, to approve interim member agency allocations, to approve final member agency allocations and to elect officers and form standing committees at the Board’s first meeting following the AGM.

The corporation is managed by a seven-director, volunteer Executive Committee. Day-to-day administrative activities are the responsibility of a full-time, paid Executive Director, and a part-time paid Administrative Assistant.

To assist with Board and Executive Committee decisions, four Standing Committees focus on key issues and make recommendations: Funds Distribution, Planning & Assessment, Campaign Cabinet, and Communications.