Investment Strategy

Renfrew County United Way (RCUW) recognizes that addressing the root causes of issues facing our communities will require long-term commitment by all sectors. We intend to contribute to this effort. To expedite this, the United Way created two funds to begin the task of securing the necessary resources.

The Strategic Priorities Fund was created in March, 2010, at a level of $23,329. This fund will be used, along with other stakeholder resources, to begin the task of focusing on community-driven initiatives that fall within the six broad strategic priority, or community impact, areas that were identified during the Community Matters public consultations in 2007. In the 2011 budget, the Board of Directors approved $80,000 to sustain the fund for the fiscal year. By January 01, 2013, all non-designated funds will be channeled into these community impact areas.

RCUW's Strategic Plan calls for a minimum of $15,000.00 in each of the six strategic priority areas to be set aside by the year 2013.

To address the need for sustainability of community support and to stress the need for total community commitment to address complex issues in the long-term, the United Way Board announced on March 5, 2010, that it was joining forces with the Pembroke Petawawa District Community Foundation to establish a United Way Endowment Fund within the Foundation’s investment portfolio. The United Way committed $27,000 to establish this endowment, the principal of which will remain in perpetuity, while the interest eventually will be made available for investment in future community development that addresses high priority needs. In February, 2011, the Board of Directors approved an additional $17,000 to be added to the United Way Endowment Fund.

A similar endowment fund was also established by the former Deep RIver District United Way (DRDUW) within the investment portfolio of the Deep River District Community Foundation (DRDCF) to provide long-term benefits to the communities it serves in North Renfrew. With the amalgamation of DRDUW and United Way/Centraide of the Upper Ottawa Valley Inc. to create Renfrew County United Way in 2009, a decision was made in early 2011 by the trustees of the former DRDUW to collapse its United Way Endowment Fund into the North Renfrew Family Services Donor Advised Fund. A total of $63,000 was thus transferred.

The Board of Directors of Renfrew County United Way decided at the same time to create a new endowment fund - styled Renfrew County United Way Endowment Fund - within the DRDCF with an initial investment of $10,000.

Communities can derive great benefits from planned giving. Community Foundations assist donors in meeting their request of giving back to their communities by directing funds to the areas of greatest need. Donations can be made to a Community Foundation as a present gift (those occurring during an individual’s lifetime) and as a deferred gift (those occurring upon the death of an individual). Present gifts can assist a Foundation immediately and help the donor through tax credits and savings on capital gains. Deferred gifts will help a Foundation at a future date, while also serving to benefit the donor’s estate.

Renfrew County United Way invites interested community members to join it in building up the United Way Endowment Funds.

For further information on Community Foundations and the United Way Endowment Funds, please contact:

Deep River and District Community Foundation

Pembroke/Petawawa/District Community Foundation