Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
In 2009, the Board of Directors of Renfrew County United Way (RCUW) approved a four year Strategic Plan that reflects the organization’s desire to create real change. Initially, steps will be taken to strengthen the donor and volunteer bases beyond the Pembroke-Petawawa-Deep River corridor, the traditional area of operation. The objective will be to increase donations to a significantly high level whereby funds can begin to be directed to the six strategic priorities identified during the Community Matters public consultations. Over the four-year period, the organization will assess and confirm our communities priorities.
Funding Focus Areas (2009 – 2013)
  1. Campaign operating in Renfrew (2009).
  2. Consolidate the multiple campaigns/single funds distribution model for operations (2010).
  3. Campaign operating in an additional community (2011).
  4. Gross income of $500,000 (2011).
  5. Establish self-assessment process to ensure we are addressing the right needs in the best way possible (2011).
  6. Re-evaluate/re-confirm the main community priorities (2012).
  7. Major ($15,000+) project funding has been put into each of the six strategic priorities (2012).
  8. All funding can be rationalized as addressing at least one of the strategic priorities (2013).
  9. Campaign operating in an additional community (2013).