Generation Next Cabinet

Young adults represent the future of our communities and potentially the most powerful and effective volunteers who can serve our communities in varied, helpful and fulfilling ways. Renfrew County United Way (RCUW) is committed to partnering with young adults to address key social issues in our communities. By engaging young adults, and through them our youth, we can create positive, measurable and lasting change.

RCUW has created a Generation Next (GenNext) Cabinet to provide a forum and structure within which young adults can develop creative and innovative ideas for youth leadership and engagement. If you are interested in creating a legacy of spirited giving and volunteerism that will help sustain the future of our communities, we want to talk to you.

Should you get involved with the GenNext Cabinet?
• Are you between the ages of 18 and 35 years?
• Do you want to make a difference in your community?
• Are you able to commit your time to volunteering?
• Are you fun, creative, energized and inspired?
• Are you eager to meet new people and make new connections?
• Do you have good professional and personal networks or have the ambition to create them?

How can you get involved with the GenNext Cabinet?
• Do you want a say? Join the GenNext Executive.
• Do you want to volunteer? Join a committee.
• Do you want to have fun? Attend one of our events.
• Do you want to stay connected? Become a general member of the Cabinet to stay updated on our activities and find out about future events.
• Do you want to invest in your community? Make a donation to RCUW’s Strategic Priorities Fund or Investment Fund.

The GenNext Cabinet will be comprised of several committees which will spearhead projects for our communities. Here is a breakdown of where you can get involved.

Executive Committee
• provides leadership to the entire cabinet. The chair will have a seat on the United Way Board of Directors to ensure that young adults and youth have direct access to the highest level of decision-making in the organization.
• the Executive Committee will provide ideas, direction and evaluation of all Cabinet activities.

Community Engagement Committee
• works on projects that encourage youth to actively participate and get involved in their communities, such as organizing youth focus group sessions to find out how to better meet the needs of youth.

Fund Development Committee
• works on projects that help increase donations made or raised by youth to/for the United Way’s Strategic Priorities and Endowment Funds.

Events Committee
• works on planning key social, team building and volunteer activities, such as organizing a Smoozefest to promote volunteerism and networking opportunities.

Marketing & Communication Committee
• works on promoting the GenNext Cabinet through a variety of mediums, as well as developing a communications strategy.

Get involved in your community through the United Way’s GenNext Cabinet. Call us today and register your interest.